Chris Blake
Writer of Films, Games, Novels and Comics


Game Writer / Narrative Designer

Creative professional with proven transmedia writing success and passion for video games

Background includes authoring compelling stories, vivid characters, engaging dialogue and extraordinary settings. Highly intelligent, articulate, self-motivated problem-solver. Hardcore gamer with extensive knowledge of all genres and platforms. Strengths include:

-  Bringing fresh perspective to game design/writing

 -  Revising text to demanding editorial standards

-  Crafting and evaluating high-impact story pitches

 -  Adhering to strict deadlines and budgets

-  Thriving in collaborative creative team situations

 -  Developing IP across diverse types of media

Career Development & Accomplishments


ARNSON COMMUNICATIONS                                                                                                                                  3/2012 – 1/2013
Script and Copy Writer
Junior Producer

Produced content for a wide variety of media and uses such as print, corporate branding and style guides, motion graphics, animated videos, trade shows and events. Oversaw internal operations, IT troubleshooting, creation and management of new talent recruitment database. Extended offers and scheduled artists across multi-project engagements. Projects included:

  • Slacker Internet Music Service, Re-Launch - Researched client’s target demographic and created the new, irreverent ‘Voice of Slacker’ tone to be adopted in all future marketing materials. Co-wrote scripts for 2 minute CG animated release video and 5-minute tutorial video. 
  • Electronic Arts, Medal of Honor Warfighter Marketing Team - Embedded with Medal of Honor marketing team as a “Consulting Producer” for six weeks prior to title release. Wrote scripts and produced 4 in-house live videos. Directed distribution of 60+ promotional videos, across multiple social media channels in both domestic and foreign markets.
  • Electronic Arts, 2012 E3 Convention Booth Showpackage - Managed a team of ten artists and two editors to produce synchronized, multi-screen video content for Electronic Arts’ 2012 E3 convention booth. Proactively drove acquisition, review and distribution of 1000+ video, still and 3D assets. Monitored and actualized overall budget, resource usage and employee work hours.

INHANCE DIGITAL                                                                                                                                                     11/2010-2/2012
Lead Writer
Associate Producer

Produced content for an international corporation’s multimedia showroom consisting of cutting-edge exhibits such as a CGI 220° surround theater experience, a 3D holographic product catalog, and a 20’ interactive, animated wall mural. Promoted due to effective project management and writing expertise.

  • Navigated treacherous diplomatic waters by mediating demands of client’s six demanding and fractuous business units, harmoniously keeping showroom presence of each equal to the others.
  • Mastered many writing tones and styles as dictated by projects ranging from terse military, precise bio-pharmacological, to hip commercial.
  • Took “steampunk” setting for company’s tradeshow booth and delivered a “snake oil” themed full-page magazine ad that was so well received it became booth’s central motif.
  • Current creative duties include: writing company’s sales brochure, directing art and copy for company’s magazine ad campaigns and stimulating company buzz across multiple social networks.

BLINDLIGHT                                                                                                                                                                3/2010 – 2011
Story / Cinematics Writer – X-COM: Enemy Unknown  (2K Boston)
Multiplayer Chatter Writer – The Darkness 2 (2K)
Senior Writer – Rise of Nightmares (SEGA)

Brought in on contract basis to provide Hollywood film-quality writing to video game story, cutscenes, characters and dialogue. Transform level design documents into vivid, engrossing narratives while being mindful of designer’s vision and intent.  Develop and pitch new ideas to solve story/gameplay problems.

  • Created story, characters and cinematics for the X-COM: Enemy Unknown  that string an engaging emotional throughline between non-linear gameplay sections.
  • On The Darkness 2, developed darkly humorous, edgy player character and NPC dialogue that revitalizes and differentiates game’s multiplayer experience.
  • Collaborated with Japanese Director and Producer on Rise of Nightmares  on-site in Tokyo, tailoring story and gameplay to accommodate new Kinect technology.
  • Maintained constructive atmosphere during marathon story meetings with Japanese creatives by finding creative ways to communicate effectively around language barrier.

UNIVERSAL STUDIOS HOME ENTERTAINMENT FAMILY PRODUCTIONS                                                            6/2008–11/2009
Screenwriter –  Beethoven 7

Conceived, pitched and wrote script for beloved kid’s franchise. Developed first idea, wrote initial script and revised draft. Worked closely with studio executives. 
NOTE: Principal photography of this film just finished in May.

  • Beat out dozens of well-established commercial film writers by developing concept with originality, commercial appeal and a solid adherence to the franchise’s brand.
  • Delivered all drafts ahead of schedule despite also working ‘crunch’ hours at Pandemic. Invited to work on additional projects as a result of success.


PANDEMIC STUDIOS / ELECTRONIC ARTS                                                                                                              6/2007–12/2008
Additional Writing/Chatter Writer – The Saboteur
Production Tester – The Saboteur

Initially joined the company as a game tester in order to learn more about the industry, but soon promoted to writing position. Worked closely with Head Writer and Lead Designer on sprawling open-world plot-lines.

  • Repurposed previously unrelated pre-existing free-play missions to create coherent storylines.
  • Rewrote entire chatter system of 37 character sets (totaling 9,691 unique lines) in just 4 weeks.


FREELANCE                                                                                                                                                                 1995 – 2007

Wrote several screenplays, television one-hour dramas, and innumerable treatments, pitches and outlines. Researched and developed original scripts that were pitched to directors, agents, producers and executives.

  • Authored Dark Matter, a $100 million space-opera, resulting in representation with a top management company and courting by CAA, ICM and the William Morris Agency.
  • Adapted Robert Heinlein’s cult classic, Stranger in a Strange Land for prominent producer Scott Rudin.
  • Hired by indie comics publisher PLATNUM STUDIOS to revamp comic book series, Weapon Zero, created pitch which secured partnership with the Producer of X-Men, and generated interest from 3 studios.
  • Composed screenplay Dark Nova which was produced and released by Alliance and A-Pics in 1998.

COLUMBIA TRISTAR INTERACTIVE                                                                                                                           1997 – 1998
Associate Producer – Chain Letters  & Chain Reaction  Game Web sites

Integral member of team creating overall concept and design for 2 game Web sites. Rendered a broad scope of support services for Executive Producer in development of production schedule. Tracked project assets via MS Project; coordinated staff/vendors activities; and compiled weekly site status reports.

  • Devised concrete game concept within first month by working collaboratively with senior executives, artists and programmers.


SAVOY PICTURES                                                                                                                                                        1995
Director, Story Department

Brought into start-up company to build Story Department from the ground up. Within 3 weeks, recruited 18 story analysts. Developed and implemented systems required to successfully handle ~200 submissions weekly. 

  • Slashed script analysis turnaround time 50%; accelerated acquisition process; eliminated risk of script oversight; and gained confidence/satisfaction of agents by developing centralized submissions system.
  • Brought in and developed several projects, including Scream, American History X, and Suspect Zero.


TOUCHSTONE PICTURES                                                                                                                                            1993 – 1995
Assistant to Vice President of Production

Provided a full range of administrative and support services for demanding executive in intense and high-pressure environment.

  • Revised story notes for overworked boss, making collaborative contributions to Father of the Bride 2, Ed Wood, Con Air, and Beautiful Girls, thus reducing note turnaround by 75%.
  • Helped cultivate contacts with high-level agents, managers, rival execs, directors, writers, and producers.
  • Acquired fresh new writers for studio after assuming responsibility for finding new talent/material.

Education & Professional Affiliations

Dual ABA in Film & English – Occidental College, Eagle, Rock, CA

IFP (Independent Film Project)  ·  IGDA (International Game Developers Association)

The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences ·  WGA (Writer’s Guild of America )

Technical Proficiencies

Software:       EXPERT in Mac OSX, Windows 7, Microsoft Office, Final Draft 7, Keynote, MS Project, Basecamp, FileMaker Pro, Adobe Media Encoder,
QuickTime 7 Pro, Compressor, Perforce, DevTrack, Bugzilla, Aspera Faspex, FTP, and GoTo Meeting

FUNCTIONAL KNOWLEDGE of Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Premiere, and Final Cut Pro 7

Hardware:     Mac/PC Hardware, WAN/LAN Networks, Home Game Consoles, AV system installation & troubleshooting

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